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Two of the major dilemmas students face are:

the field of study they wish to follow
the choice of a university

In the modern world, a university education is the most secure investment that one can make towards his/her future career and therefore making the right choice is very important. The services provided at TCS Educational Consultants include a full range of advising, support and consulting to ensure that the students will find a suitable university and be admitted to the most appropriate program of study for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Services we can provide to you:

Before the application:

A meeting is needed to enable our experts to match the student’s needs.

Help to identify which universities offer the course the student wants;
Advice as to which external examinations are required by various universities so that students are well prepared in advance;
Assist in choosing a university based on the student’s academic achievements and financial ability, as well as other factors such as campus security, location, interests etc;
Guide students in applying for scholarships and financial aid.

During the application:

Complete the application forms correctly and accurately. The completed application form is the first impression the student makes to the University of his/her preference. TCS will help you make this impression as good as possible. It will also help you complete the very important personal statement or essay about your achievements and future endeavours;
Give information on the country, city and University that has been chosen;
Help in the collection and translation of all necessary transcripts, graduating diplomas, school leaving certificates etc;
Give information on deadlines, so that the applicant submits all necessary forms on time; • Continuous updates are made through our contacts with universities, in order to keep the applicants informed on the progress of their applications;
Quick and safe mailing of all additional academic documents to the universities to avoid hiccups in the application process.

After securing a place at a University:

Help in finding, applying and securing suitable accommodation;
Help in the completion of various essential forms like applications for loans, bank transfers, student cards, Visa/ Entry Clearance, etc;
Help in gathering all necessary documents before travelling;
Introductory get-togethers with other students who are currently studying or will study at the University, for familiarization purposes. In addition, TCS organizes pre-departure meetings with university officials and students for answering any questions you may have.
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